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Replacement Webbing - 12.5m Swivel - Petzl P58 S

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Replacement Webbing - 12.5m Swivel - Petzl P58 S HEAD RUSH TECHNOLOGIES
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The TRUBLUE Auto Belay is fitted with a webbing that can be replaced in the field by the owner using the Replacement Webbing. Worn or damaged webbing should be replaced immediately. Damage includes, but is not limited to, excess wear, fluffing, sun bleaching, cuts, knicks, loose stitching, or burns.

This Replacement webbing comes with a high quality swivel for the attachment of continuous belay and other connector.

  • 41 ft (12.5 m) – Blue webbing

Please note that the swivel is an integral component and should never be bypassed.

The frequency of webbing replacement depends on usage.

Note: Not for use with the TRUBLUE XL.

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